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Tracy Underwood has over 30 years of experience in competitive dog training as well as animal wrangling on production sets.  She has trained successfully trained dogs and competed with them in a variety of canine sports including Agility, Nosework, Schutzhund, Barnhunt, NASDA, and Obedience just to name a few. Her training and wrangling adventures have included the AKC Agility nationals, Late Night with David Letterman, and appearances by several of her dogs in various shows and movies. Tracy has owned and trained a diverse assortment of breeds including Jack Russell Terriers, a Whippet, a Japanese Chin and Doberman. Tracy is an Animal Actors Certified Evaluator (AACE)  and Certified Trick Dog Instructor  (CTDI) & Evaluator.

Tracy enjoys helping owners that are participating in competitive sports with their dogs to break behaviors down into tiny increments that will produce a precise, high scoring performance – as well as one as the dog understands and enjoys.  One of Tracy’s favorite skills to teach is a rock solid stay. This skill has come in handy from anywhere to an agility start line, to staying in place during gunfire during a Schutzhund routine, to a dog “playing dead” on a movie set.

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Thursday, January 11, 2024


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