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Stacy Drody


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Stacy Drody has had a passion for animals and science her entire life. Growing up alongside seeing eyes dogs she learned the value of a dog's vast capabilities and the importance of understanding their unique way of communication and individual behaviors from an early age.

While obtaining a degree in Biology she worked as a vet tech and began volunteering with local rescue organizations volunteering much of her time rescuing, fostering, and rehabilitating dogs to include rescue operations and rehabilitation from hoarding cases, The Korean Meat Trade, and The Yunlin Meat Festival Dogs. In addition to this work, she also taught classes, workshops, and training for the Atlanta Humane Society volunteers and the public.


After a successful career in Sales and Marketing and Corporate Event Planning in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries, she decided to turn her volunteering into a career focusing her path on canine training and behavior. Stacy believes in the ethical treatment of all animals and has established her training on the “Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive” training philosophy. Her training approach involves using a scientifically grounded, reward based, positive reinforcement plan.  She enjoys using force free methods which are not only effective but help avoid the potential fallout that can occur from aversive methods to include fear and aggression.

Stacy’s goal is to create lasting, cooperative bonds between her clients and their dogs in a welcoming, fun, and stress-free environment that everyone can benefit from and enjoy!

Stacy is a graduate of the Victoria Stilwell Academy of DogTraining and Behavior, A Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, a Certified Fear Free Dog Trainer, an assistant trainer with Canine Cellmates - the jail dog program at the Atlanta Jail and continues volunteering with the local rescue agencies.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2021


8:15 pm


Canine PhD

City Dog Market (Brookhaven)

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