Sarah Currier


About Sarah

Sarah's love for dogs started in college when she started volunteering with animal rescues at adoption events in 2015. Once she moved to Atlanta in 2018 she began volunteering and then working as a staff member at the local county shelters.

In 2021 Sarah switched from shelter work to pursuing a career as a professional trainer. Her goal is to help people keep their animals in their homes by providing the training and management techniques needed to do so.

Both of her current dogs, Nova and Tango, were adopted from a shelter where she volunteered. Nova has since conquered her fear of humans and Tango has overcome his mild resource guarding tendencies. She works hard to make sure both dogs live happy lives using management and training to set them up for success. She has a special place in her heart for helping dogs with reactive behaviors because of how hard she has worked with her personal dogs and how much progress she has seen them make with reward based training.

Sarah is most passionate about using management techniques, enrichment, and cooperative care to help dogs and their owners work together for the best life they can have.

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