Day Training

Day Training

While you’re working, your friend is learning!

Get all the benefits of dog training without doing all the work – by letting Canine PhD train your dog for you while you’re out working, shopping, or socializing.

Day Training is the most convenient option for busy people because it saves you tons of time, effort, and stress. Whether you are looking to address behavioral issues or you would like to introduce your dog to sports like Agility, Nose Work, and Tracking, these  one-on-one sessions with a certified professional dog trainer will give you real results real fast!

Day Training takes place Monday through Friday. All Day Training Packages include one free Private Lesson.

Day Training at Canine PhD

Individual Sessions: $85.00.

Package of Ten Sessions: 5-hour Day Training Sessions at Canine PhD, and 1 private lesson
Cost: $995.00

*A Custom Consultation is required before Day Training Sessions can be scheduled.

Supervised Socialization

Our Supervised Socialization sessions are off-leash meet and greets where your dog will have the opportunity to develop healthy social skills with other dogs. Dogs will be paired for socialization based on a number of factors including: personality, size, and behavior history. There will be two instructors per session to ensure appropriate interactions. All dogs will be interrupted from rough play and bullying.

We offer both individual and package sessions.  Because Supervised Socialization is not daycare, they will only be worked for three hours max.

Each social meet up will last between five and twenty minutes based on the interaction. We work hard to ensure that all interactions have lots of structure, and positive feedback.

These sessions are a dog-only events, with the exception of the trainers who are supervising the session.  All sessions must be scheduled in advance.

Individual Sessions: $40.00

Package of Five Sessions: $180.00

*A Custom Consultation is required before Supervised Socialization Sessions can be scheduled.