Canine PhD presents

Suzanne Clothier

Please join us for a fun, fascinating weekend August 17th to August 20th, with one of the dog training world’s “trainer of trainers”, Suzanne Clothier.

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Introducing Dock Diving

Please join us for Metro Atlanta’s most convenient, dog-friendly pool and dock diving classes!

  • $50-Limited attendance preview day
  • $100-Free month unlimited swims
  • $150-class
  • $200-class + unlimited swims for 1 month
  • $500-class + 1/2 year membership unlimited swims
  • $1000-class + 1 year membership unlimited swims
  • $5000-lifetime member

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New from Canine PhD

Class Fast Pass

Please join us for class! We are offering a “Class Fast Pass” or “CFP” for unlimited fun!

6 Month Pass $770

1 Year Pass $1400

This is good for unlimited classes for one dog in the 6 month or 1 year period you purchase the pass for.

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*Some exclusions apply

Canine PhD transforms misbehaving dogs into well-mannered companions by providing best-in-class education for a lifetime of learning. We make dog training fun and easy – giving you peace of mind and a pet who’s a pleasure to live with.
Through classes and private training, our professionally credentialed dog training instructors provide permanent solutions to pet behavior problems – not quick fixes that vanish as soon as you leave the classroom. We help with:

• Difficult dogs that other trainers don’t have the will or the skill to train
• Tough problems like aggression, reactivity, fearfulness, phobias, and separation anxiety
• Everyday issues, from polite on- and off-leash manners to stopping destructive behavior
• New four-legged family members, from raising puppies right to helping shelter dogs adjust to home life

If you’re looking for a supportive community of teachers and fellow students who are
dedicated to learning, Canine PhD is the place for you.

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Canine PhD Dog Training Classes

Helping your dog earn his diploma in great behavior

• Basic & Advanced Dog Obedience
• Agility, Barn Hunt & Other Dog Sports
• Nose work, Tracking & Tricks
• Hound On the Town & Outdoor Adventures
• Reactive Dog Classes… and dozens more!