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Sabarika has always had a passion for animals, which she has explored through breeding rodents, volunteering at her local animal shelter, and keeping exotics such as reptiles and sugar gliders.  She took up horseback riding in school and has shown Saddlebreds at a local level, as well as helped at multiple stables.  Sabarika adopted her first dog when she was 18 from a shelter in 2005 when she lived in Kentucky.  Her experience raising Diaz her Australian Shepherd/Husky mix from puppyhood helped shape her passion for understanding canine behavior as well as providing a muse and inspiration that led to her photography being published in several well-known canine behavior publications.

Aside from her professional photography and freelance art, she enjoys activities such as working on her car, aquascaping & fishkeeping, and playing with her new kitten Rumiir. She has traveled throughout the U.S. and loves meeting new people and seeing the beauty of nature on road trips. Her latest hobby has been storm chasing, taking her through the high plains and across the midwest to witness incredible tornadoes and photograph amazing weather patterns.

Sabarika's photography can be found in the following publications and more: - K9 Dog trainer & breeder's eBooks, articles, & website circa 2007

"Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook" by Barbara Handelman 2008

"The Art of Introducing Dogs: A Guide for Conducting Dog-to-Dog Introductions" by Louise Ginman 2013

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