What Do Our Clients Say?

Catered to your dog!

Canine PhD is a great place for basic training classes and also for specific individual training issues. The staff are the best! Very knowledgeable and qualified. Most of all, they take a real interest in each dog they work with. They take time to get to know each dog and owner, so that training can be individualized.
Highly recommend!!!

Teresa Ball

Personalized to you and your dog!

Canine Ph.D. is an excellent training facility. The instructors are wonderful and the small class sizes provide for very a personal experience for both you and your dog!

Heather Aquino

You must go!

I feel so fortunate that I found Canine PHD!
Meredith is truly gifted reading and understanding dog behavior and teaching people how to work with their dogs.
I appreciate her patience. humor and down to earth way of explaining and demonstrating the techniques that work to help us help our dogs and improve that relationship in a completely positive and gentle, yet most effective way. She recognizes that each owner and dog are individuals and that one size does not fit all. She fits the lesson to the dog and owner, not the other way around.
She has helped me with my reactive dog tremendously and I can’t say enough good things about Meredith and Canine PHD.
You must go!

Diane Buehler

Patience, Persistence, and loads of Practice!

Meredith worked with our dog Nico on his reactivity to other dogs. It is a long process requiring patience, persistence, and loads of practice but we’ve seen wonderful results. Highly recommend Meredith or MarLee.

Liz Soniat

Unique training for unique dogs!

I’ve taken my three Great Danes for training at Canine PhD and learn how to train each dog’s unique personality. Love them and so do my pets.

Deirdre Shoemaker

Trainers Who Understand Shy and Fearful Dogs

Canine PhD is the only dog training facility we have found that truly understands animal behavior and how to successfully train shy and fearful dogs. The environment is positive, friendly, and fun. To say that the training at Canine PhD has been successful is an understatement. My husband, our dog, and I highly recommend Canine PhD!

Joe Kilpatrick

Best Training in Town for You and Your Dog!

Meredith is an angel in disguise! I am so glad we crossed paths when we did, because I was at the end of my rope with our rowdy household of pups. She worked with us for as long as we needed and taught us so much! People now commonly compliment our dogs’ behavior. They are the best trained dogs in our town! You can’t go wrong with Canine PhD.

Sarah Johnson PaulkPampered Pet Care of Atlanta


Meredith took our 8-week-old monster of a Beagle puppy and turned him into a great dog! She taught my kids and me how to handle him and showed us some wonderful techniques to keep him from biting and chasing the kids. My 6-year-old was afraid of him and wanted to give him away, but now he loves his puppy and even takes him out to play!

Tammy Kimball

Fantastic Dog Training

Canine PhD has been great for my dogs. The difference between Canine PhD and other trainers is that they not only train dogs – they communicate well with owners and do a great job of teaching them how to work with their own dogs.

Gwen Bergen

Exactly What Was Needed

Meredith’s focus is not just on the dogs, but also educating owners on how to properly understand their dog’s actions, reinforce positive behavior, and continue the training every day. The reactive dog class has been wonderful, and I no longer have the worst dog in the world! 🙂

Anne Lewis

The Best in Town

We’ve taken a number of fun courses with Meredith, including Nose Work and the must-do Canine CSI course, where owners and dogs get to solve a “crime.” Incredibly well-organized and thought-out, this course will likely be one of the most fun and memorable experience you’ll ever have with your dog!

Stephen Julien

Awesome Trainer

We hired Canine PhD to help with our dogs excessive barking. After just two visits the barking had lessened substantially, and we couldn’t believe how well they were responding to us!

Jessica Hanks

The Real Rescue…

On my first meeting with Meredith I felt relieved and hopeful. Within only four private sessions, my relationship with my dog had taken a 180-degree turn. He learned to trust me again, and I learned how to identify and manage his stressors and obtain desirable behaviors with positive methods. The results have been wonderful. Meredith and Canine PhD are top-notch professionals. Their dedication to dogs is inspiring. They truly have been lifesavers. The right choice!

Catherine Priddy

Pleasant, Informative, and Clean!

Pleasant, informed instructors operating in a clean, ideal space makes for excellent dog training classes. That the clientele are nice people – families, couples, individuals with their similarly varied doggies is all to the good as well.

Daniel Shorr