Play Training

Play Training

Fun and games with other dogs!

The Play Training program is designed to help dogs of all ages develop healthy, off-leash, social skills with their canine-counterparts.

Dogs will be constantly supervised by a trainer, and play is strictly monitored.

The goal of this program is to teach dogs:

– How to self-modulate

– Control arousal

– Come out of play when asked and lastly

– Play without grabbing, biting, holding, rolling, or pinning.

How is Play Training different from regular doggie day care?

We do not allow dogs to practice bullying behaviors, and we do not allow dogs to become overly-aroused or stressed. Pups will be paired up with other dogs that have a similar play-style. Pups will play in small groups of 2 or 4 to encourage healthy play-dynamics. Pups will learn important skills such as name recognition and recalls.

This program is not for dogs that have a history of off-leash dog aggression.